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Are paper coffee cups becoming an enviromnmental problem? June 2, 2009

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3 Responses to “Are paper coffee cups becoming an enviromnmental problem?”

  1. France Says:

    So happy I tried your coffee…… I love it! It’s the best !!Sumatra….. I can’t get enough.

  2. France Says:

    I have had classes on the last two Saturdays and won’t see you again this week….. AND I am out of Sumatra Whole Bean.
    Went to the Vegtable / Fruit Market on Hiway 7 but they also are out of Whole Bean Sumatra !! So I looked up where else I could buy Kyoto Coffees….. and picked Shish Kabob Hut…. as it is close to my house….. Once there realized they have a unique blend Trojan… Bought it… more expensive… not better then Sumatra… but it’s OK…. Kicks in differently for me…. Used it in my Bodom Is it Stronger? Felt my blood pressure jump a little…. LOL

    Can you tell me where I could find Sumatra Whole Bean?

    I will be at the Farmers Market next weekend Nov 7th, but can’t wait that long. I am so addicted !!

    Thank You in advance,
    France Tremblay

    • kyotocoffee Says:

      There are quite a few locations listed in the site under local links – pick one closest to you – or – failing that – call me and I’ll hook up with you when you’re in town…

      About the Trojan Roast – yes – I’m sure you did feel your blood pressure jump! It’s supposed to do that : ) …. it’s blended to be bold…

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