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FairĀ Fare March 6, 2010

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so I ask you… what is fair? some organizations think fair is a marketing campaign.. some think fair is a concept that doesn’t have to follow the humane rules that they imply… I personally don’t think its “Fair” to line your pockets with money that’s supposed to be doing good in the world.

So today… with the help of a local missionary… Mr. Brian Nichols and I are creating fair where no fairness exists. He is walking into Zimbabwe with money and medical supplies… I admire that… so… I bought some Zimbabwe coffee… the highest quality I could find… and will donate to his efforts with a portion of the proceeds. It doesn’t go to the farm that created it… but the villages Brian visits will get badly needed medicines, and food, and water, and many other badly needed things. I am so proud to be a part of this… no advertising fees, no top heavy management fees and hefty lawyer bills… just a man, walking into a village… that wants to make things better
now…. THAT’s fair.