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May 2010 looks interesting! April 2, 2010

well the busy season is almost here… have booked a very busy summer… Tuesdays will be the Buckhorn Farmers Market (actually starting in June) Thursdays will be Lakefield Farmers market, Friday will be Oshawa Market and Saturdays will be Peterborough market… brewing fresh coffee at every market… eco friendly cups (of course!) organic sugars, agave, local honey and maple syrup, and of course soy cream and local milk… see you there! YES we do special orders… email me or call me and I’ll be happy to reserve for you… and YES I also sell green beans for those happy home roasters! contact me for volume discounts!


2 Responses to “May 2010 looks interesting!”

  1. Vlado Says:

    Hi there,

    Interesting WebSite, but I’m just wondering – what about organic espresso coffee, do you offer any for home use? I mean – ready to be used in my espresso coffee maker for a cup or two dailly?

    • Tracy Says:

      Espresso is a roasting style, it’s a brewing style and it’s a grinding style… everything but a bean. Virtually any bean can be used to make espresso.
      Espresso traditionally is blended to create smoothness and crema.. the top layer of foam.. many espresso’s unfortunately use subgrade coffee’s
      and overroast them to try to blend out the bad flavour. I personally prefer to use a top grade coffee, usually a single origin fresh roasted and fresh ground
      to make espresso. Something complex like Papua New Guinea creates a great espresso, and also a great base for everything from Americano’s to Cappuccino’s. Of course every person in the coffee world varies in opinion on this matter. Personally, I feel that when you are concentrating coffee flavour down to espresso, you need to use the good stuff, because there’s just no where to hide. Staying in the Indonesian coffee line is a good idea because of the low acidity it offers, therefore keeping heartburn in check. Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi, Java… all offer a beautiful single origin espresso… as for a more complex multiple origin, still stay with a Sumatra base, and ramp it up if you like with a nice Peaberry like Tanzania or Kenyan Jungle… I make Kyoto Classic Bold which doubles as a coffee, or an espresso… has some personality and boldness… with a nice level of foam. Another thing to watch for is the use of Robusta to ramp up flavour. I do a private lable this way, but I don’t usually sell it unless I have a request for it. I try to stay with Arabica’s… and organics…

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