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Heat Wave May 31, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy @ 10:56 pm

will it ever end? so many outdoor events… so much heat…
so glad I took the time to develop a scratch iced coffee… saw the need a year ago when I bought one from a coffee shop …. was very shocked by the taste (no names mentioned… ahem) there was no coffee in it!!! sugar, fat and chemicals… shudder… Needless to say – with the help of great tastebuds on a few friends, I found a way to make a coffee concentrate… great for baking too… going to be bottling it soon, because demand seems to be there…. will post recipe’s on the site, and ask for yours too! so far I have a great coffee toffee, chocolate thumbprint mocha cookies, a steak marinade and of course iced coffee. Interesting and unexpected, the concentrate tastes like a fresh brewed coffee when added to boiling water… so it’s a liquid instant too. Camping, cottaging, seniors… or just an additional sidecar of WHAM for your extra bold days. I highly recommend that you DON’T drink it straight – WAY too concentrated…
Added decaf iced coffee just yesterday too. How much can a portable cafe do … lol


One Response to “Heat Wave”

  1. Tracy Says:

    btw – Gotta Havva Pizza has a coffee slushie… on tap… coffee concentrate a la Kyoto.

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