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Travis’s Lemonade at the Peterborough Farmers market June 25, 2010

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ready - set ...... GO

Travis – my wonderful boy – is coming back to the Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturdays. His report card was glowing (atta boy) and as promised – if school marks were good – I would let him do his lemonade stand again. Market approved – and ready to go – picking up our lemons next week and we will be ready to go on Wednesday morning. Monitered closely by Mom and crew…


More on the Lawn Bowling club- and the generous donation to build a new one. June 19, 2010

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meet the analyst in charge at the Federal Government that approved the generous grant being given to the LBC. .

This is my letter to him, from a couple of days ago – had to share…
“I appreciate your response.

Ultimately, my interest lies specifically in destroying architecture to make room for 6 or 8 extra parking spaces in the middle of a neighbourhood.

Personally I don’t believe that funding private clubs is in the best interest of any taxpayer, however, my concern lies with informing your departments of outcome. Do I not have a voice?

It’s easy to swat the public away, but no one asked this neighbourhood how they feel. These are the taxpayers that faithfully fund your coffers. They vote too. They have to live in this neighbourhood 24 hours a day… every day. They don’t mind the new building so much, but they hate the fact that the old building is scheduled for destruction, when so many want to keep it. The club has roadblocked several attempts to preserve it. Sadly, it was in their care that the building has deteriorated. It is with their hand that the building will be destroyed.

As the lead analyst, did you investigate the value of the heritage of this existing building? Because of your grant money, this building will not be saved.

(His previous email said that the grant was given to improve public health and safety, and to reduce energy)

What public health and safety are improved? This is a PRIVATE club… members only. The PUBLIC have never had any access to it.

Reduction of energy? This is a 1 season 850 square foot building with no heat and minimal power… being replaced by a 5000 square foot 4 season complex. This is not a reduction…

Perhaps you could spend some time speaking with the community that this impacts. I am just a small coffee roaster that tried to save this wonderful building. No one offered my private business a large grant to do it…

It’s ethically and socially irresponsible to destroy a heritage building for a handful of parking spaces. As the lead analyst, I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

I trust the information I just wrote in this email is helpful to you. Please feel free to Google the comments from the public regarding this. Again, I would encourage you and your staff to investigate further by speaking to the residents of this community, not just this wealthy private club. Perhaps in future, you might consider community impact, by speaking with the community, including the heritage committee’s.

Perhaps in future, you won’t turn someone elses history into a parking lot.”

his response to me?

“Thank you Tracy,

I appreciate you taking the time today to share your concerns and suggestions with me.

Craig McClelland”



Peterborough lawn bowling club – continues June 18, 2010

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everywhere I go these past few days people stop me and tell me they want to do something about the demolition of this building. I feel so frustrated about the whole scenario. Everyone see’s it’s wrong – well… most everyone.
My comment to everyone is… sometimes you have to stand up and voice your opinion. Call your council – the numbers are listed on this site… email addresses, phone numbers… names. We can do something. Government thinks in votes. If they hear from the public, they will discuss this again. If the building is designated a heritage site, it can’t be torn down. The city HAS the power to do this, even without the LBC consent.
Remember – the people who control the outcome of the building today, didn’t build it – they don’t own it – and they don’t necessarily speak for the future members of the club. THEY are thinking about their own needs, not the future of the club.
They have stated publicly that the reason this club is being torn down is for a few extra parking spaces. (I was there when the president of the club said it to council)
They state that the building is mouldy – both my professionals and the city professionals have examined the building and have found no mould. Hmmm.
no cracks in the foundation, in the plaster, in the brick. Sound like it should be condemned?
They created a public plea to save the building – 9 entities showed up – and yet the club continues to cry out to the public that they need saving. I believe that this building was never for sale. But they sure got a lot of freebees out of it – wasted a lot of taxpayers money – and got a lot of attention. When they tear down the building, they already have a FREE hazard report paid by the city of Peterborough tax coffers. Saved them a few thousand more… I guess I’ll get my thank you card from them in the mail. I’d just be happy if they returned my deposit. Was supposed to be returned weeks ago when they turned my offer down. Guess they forgot.

Of all groups, I would think seniors would be the most sensitive to preserving the past. nope.

Don’t group all bowlers in with this group though – many of the club members have approached me and apologized on the qt… Needless to say – it was NOT a unanimous vote to tear the building down. Too bad those members didn’t speak up when they had a big voice in front of council.

One of the councillors called this “architorture”… brevity… says it all


Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club June 15, 2010

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After a lengthy and gruelling meeting – it seems I am no longer a consideration for this building. I was eliminated by council as an option for saving this heritage site, simply because, the lawn bowlers don’t want me there. They made ridiculous comments and suggestions, glared and stared at me, even whispered and giggled at me while I was trying to speak. I wonder if some of the people present were aware of what was really happening. It’s almost as though they didn’t realize I was trying to save their clubhouse (no government grants here… just my own money) Then I see them on television – “please save our club” sigh…. I was trying to…

I believe that they felt that keeping the old building was somehow standing in the way of their free multi million dollar government grant… and somehow I was responsible… wow… (shaking head)

The reason their new site hasn’t been approved is because they have no site plan… and nothing is holding them up but themselves. There is a serious disconnect somewhere here.

The final outcome is that the city has excused itself from the table, and left the repurposing to the club… offering a demolishing date of March 1, 2011. They clearly have no intention of designating the site as heritage either. Sadly, moving the building would be risky and very expensive. They have scared off 8 others that site inspected with me back in March, so no help there.

There were generous high fives all around when the demolition date was approved, and many of the attendees left at that point. Message pretty clear.

The president of the club announced that this was really about clearing a few extra parking spaces much to the chagrin of many of the neighbours on Walnut Street. Not sure what the message was from the caretaker – he seemed… um… uncertain of what he wanted.

The neighbourhood clearly wants me there – the city offered approval on zoning, and I offered the money to restore the building…. but yet the club still announced that they have no offers on the table as yet to repurpose the building. What????

They say I’d compete with them – not sure what on earth that means… they are a private club, members only… and I’d be selling to the public. Sure, they’d be welcome – because I’d share my sandbox… ahem… but can they not instruct their members to support their club? isn’t it just that easy? Perhaps a business plan showing their coffee sales to the neighbours and park goers would clarify how much money is on the table here.

If I open a cafe – I want a building with character… in a unique location… not a square box. I’m looking at a nice little building in Lakefield later in the week. It may just be the fit I need.

Sorry – but I have to walk away from this – there was never anything to be done – just a big waste of resources and effort all around.

By the way – for all of those surprised at the $35,000 offer – they offered the building to the city in January for somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000. My offer was in line with what they stated as their expectations. I would have to reroute and locate all city ammenities, and pay city staff to bring them in. THEN fix the building.


YES BBQ in the park….. ing lot… Saturday June 19th, 2010 – 196 Brock Street June 14, 2010

The Peterborough Youth Emergency Shelter (aka YES) is having their annual fundraiser – this time as a BBQ. Nothing fancy – but we will be preparing coffee – and selling bags of coffee to help them raise money. Your support means the world – we know it’s easier to roll over and go back to bed on Saturday morning – but this organization needs you to get up and come buy a burger and a coffee!!

Saturday June 19th, 2010 from 10am – 2:30pm

Y.E.S. provides emergency housing for both youth and families without shelter, as well as other essential services including a food cupboard, help with housing and employment, life skills training and educational programs. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Y.E.S. relies on support from the community to augment its operating budget.

Raffle tickets will also be on sale for a chance to WIN BIG – a laptop computer and printer donated by Computer Solutions “Plus”, a gas barbeque from Rona Cashway, a family health membership from the YMCA and more! Generous sponsors for the event include M & M Meats, A & W, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Millbrook Foodland and Kyoto Coffee.

Come out, bring your family and friends and enjoy some good food and family entertainment to help support our youth .

Try to remember that we don’t all have the same supports in our lives – this organization helps to level the playing field a little…


Upcycling June 11, 2010

What is upcycling? taking something used, and likely destined for garbage, and making it into something valuable and useable. The past few weeks have introduced me to two new repurpose recipients… A woman who hooks her own rugs has taken a few bags to create floor art… she was delighted to see the weave… and so I’m told… shared her find with her circle of crafters. I only asked for pictures of their creations… and am willing to share all the bags I have… these will be available eventually at the Buckhorn Farmers market. I also had the pleasure of donating some bags to a farmer who is reupholstering his van… and the bags will be the new ceiling material… NEAT!

I also try to find homes for all of my “garbage”. My spent coffee grinds are always available for whomever wants them for their garden… just ask… currently, most of them go to Gaelic Garlic and their organic beef farm. They are creating top soil…

Coffee Grounds are perfect for roses – but did you know the grinds are very helpful for getting rid of Hosta slugs?

I was also very happy to have farmers visit me this week to take my used cups… and wooden stir sticks. They are used for plants… once the seedling takes root, just pop the whole cup in the ground… no need to transplant.. try THAT with styrafoam!!! on second thought – just don’t buy styrafoam… take your own travel mug… and avoid the whole take out cup altogether…

any other recycling ideas are welcome – just write in… don’t be shy


So – Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club June 7, 2010

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Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club

Beautiful isn't it?

the secret is out – I have put in a bid to buy the Peterborough Lawn Bowling club… I always said I didn’t want a cafe – but… I heard they were going to tear down this historic building to make room for more parking (shaking my head) so I stepped up to the plate. The neighbourhood is against tearing it down – they want to see the building stay – it needs a lot of repairing – but I’m up to the challenge. Sadly they turned down my offer – citing that they didn’t like the idea of competition for their 2.1 million dollar free building donated by our government. Seems a little greedy to me… but.. Peterborough city council has called a meeting June 7th at city hall – 7 pm to discuss the matter. Wish me luck. I sure hope we don’t end up with a parking lot where this grand beautiful building now stands. If you have an opinion on the matter – let council know –