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Upcycling June 11, 2010

What is upcycling? taking something used, and likely destined for garbage, and making it into something valuable and useable. The past few weeks have introduced me to two new repurpose recipients… A woman who hooks her own rugs has taken a few bags to create floor art… she was delighted to see the weave… and so I’m told… shared her find with her circle of crafters. I only asked for pictures of their creations… and am willing to share all the bags I have… these will be available eventually at the Buckhorn Farmers market. I also had the pleasure of donating some bags to a farmer who is reupholstering his van… and the bags will be the new ceiling material… NEAT!

I also try to find homes for all of my “garbage”. My spent coffee grinds are always available for whomever wants them for their garden… just ask… currently, most of them go to Gaelic Garlic and their organic beef farm. They are creating top soil…

Coffee Grounds are perfect for roses – but did you know the grinds are very helpful for getting rid of Hosta slugs?

I was also very happy to have farmers visit me this week to take my used cups… and wooden stir sticks. They are used for plants… once the seedling takes root, just pop the whole cup in the ground… no need to transplant.. try THAT with styrafoam!!! on second thought – just don’t buy styrafoam… take your own travel mug… and avoid the whole take out cup altogether…

any other recycling ideas are welcome – just write in… don’t be shy


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