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Peterborough lawn bowling club – continues June 18, 2010

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everywhere I go these past few days people stop me and tell me they want to do something about the demolition of this building. I feel so frustrated about the whole scenario. Everyone see’s it’s wrong – well… most everyone.
My comment to everyone is… sometimes you have to stand up and voice your opinion. Call your council – the numbers are listed on this site… email addresses, phone numbers… names. We can do something. Government thinks in votes. If they hear from the public, they will discuss this again. If the building is designated a heritage site, it can’t be torn down. The city HAS the power to do this, even without the LBC consent.
Remember – the people who control the outcome of the building today, didn’t build it – they don’t own it – and they don’t necessarily speak for the future members of the club. THEY are thinking about their own needs, not the future of the club.
They have stated publicly that the reason this club is being torn down is for a few extra parking spaces. (I was there when the president of the club said it to council)
They state that the building is mouldy – both my professionals and the city professionals have examined the building and have found no mould. Hmmm.
no cracks in the foundation, in the plaster, in the brick. Sound like it should be condemned?
They created a public plea to save the building – 9 entities showed up – and yet the club continues to cry out to the public that they need saving. I believe that this building was never for sale. But they sure got a lot of freebees out of it – wasted a lot of taxpayers money – and got a lot of attention. When they tear down the building, they already have a FREE hazard report paid by the city of Peterborough tax coffers. Saved them a few thousand more… I guess I’ll get my thank you card from them in the mail. I’d just be happy if they returned my deposit. Was supposed to be returned weeks ago when they turned my offer down. Guess they forgot.

Of all groups, I would think seniors would be the most sensitive to preserving the past. nope.

Don’t group all bowlers in with this group though – many of the club members have approached me and apologized on the qt… Needless to say – it was NOT a unanimous vote to tear the building down. Too bad those members didn’t speak up when they had a big voice in front of council.

One of the councillors called this “architorture”… brevity… says it all


One Response to “Peterborough lawn bowling club – continues”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Well – my closing comments are within. Thanks to all of the city of Peterborough tax payers – we have generously helped the Rugby club buy the Lawn Bowling Club for $1 – MUCH better than the $35,000 I offered – (sarcasm) and the city has also given a GRANT of $30,000 and an interest free loan for $550,000 to be paid back at some point… but if they can’t or won’t the city will take care of it. ( Otherwise known as you and me.) WOW. So thank me – and thank you for generously donating $600,000 of tax payer money to ANOTHER private club. Good grief.

    NOW I know what I did wrong – I offered to PAY (out of my own pocket) – If I had just asked for a FREE building – FREE land and FREE relocation – I’d have a coffee shop now!!!

    rolling eyes – shaking head…

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