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More on the Lawn Bowling club- and the generous donation to build a new one. June 19, 2010

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meet the analyst in charge at the Federal Government that approved the generous grant being given to the LBC. .

This is my letter to him, from a couple of days ago – had to share…
“I appreciate your response.

Ultimately, my interest lies specifically in destroying architecture to make room for 6 or 8 extra parking spaces in the middle of a neighbourhood.

Personally I don’t believe that funding private clubs is in the best interest of any taxpayer, however, my concern lies with informing your departments of outcome. Do I not have a voice?

It’s easy to swat the public away, but no one asked this neighbourhood how they feel. These are the taxpayers that faithfully fund your coffers. They vote too. They have to live in this neighbourhood 24 hours a day… every day. They don’t mind the new building so much, but they hate the fact that the old building is scheduled for destruction, when so many want to keep it. The club has roadblocked several attempts to preserve it. Sadly, it was in their care that the building has deteriorated. It is with their hand that the building will be destroyed.

As the lead analyst, did you investigate the value of the heritage of this existing building? Because of your grant money, this building will not be saved.

(His previous email said that the grant was given to improve public health and safety, and to reduce energy)

What public health and safety are improved? This is a PRIVATE club… members only. The PUBLIC have never had any access to it.

Reduction of energy? This is a 1 season 850 square foot building with no heat and minimal power… being replaced by a 5000 square foot 4 season complex. This is not a reduction…

Perhaps you could spend some time speaking with the community that this impacts. I am just a small coffee roaster that tried to save this wonderful building. No one offered my private business a large grant to do it…

It’s ethically and socially irresponsible to destroy a heritage building for a handful of parking spaces. As the lead analyst, I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

I trust the information I just wrote in this email is helpful to you. Please feel free to Google the comments from the public regarding this. Again, I would encourage you and your staff to investigate further by speaking to the residents of this community, not just this wealthy private club. Perhaps in future, you might consider community impact, by speaking with the community, including the heritage committee’s.

Perhaps in future, you won’t turn someone elses history into a parking lot.”

his response to me?

“Thank you Tracy,

I appreciate you taking the time today to share your concerns and suggestions with me.

Craig McClelland”



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