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iced espresso? July 5, 2010

Filed under: The Farmers' Market — Tracy @ 10:38 am

well – I am once again amazed… on Saturday I received yet another education from a loyal client… He requested a straight shot of concentrate blended with ice- no sugar- no cream… just a straight shot of concentrated espresso over crushed ice. I thought for sure it would be too strong – but… so I’m told, this is all the rage in Japan. Iced espresso… naked, ice cold, super strong… you ask… I make (little trepidation there I must admit) then I tried it – ok – I get it now. mmmmm, with a side of WHAM

so this means our summer round up consists of:
iced cappuccino
decaf cappuccino
vegan cappuccino (with soycream)
decaf vegan cappuccino (with soycream)
iced espresso
and working on an iced chocolate

summer has reared her beautiful mane this week – count on temps over 30 degrees c…
in a world where commercial iced coffees have almost no coffee (people PLEASE!!!) our coffee is cold pressed – and as much, if not more caf than our hot coffees. So if you still need a kick in the pants good morning, and can’t handle hot java… we’re brewing cold… (of course we still have hot!)

Buckhorn Farmers market – 8 – 1 Tuesdays
Downtown Peterborough farmers market – 8 – 2 Wednesdays
Lakefield farmers market – 1 – 6 Thursdays
Oshawa Farmers market – 8 – 4 Fridays
Peterborough farmers market – 7 – 1 Saturdays

Gotta havva pizzaa also has our concentrate in slushie form, on tap daily – and Devonshire in Lakefield has our iced cap serving daily.

OR…. we now have our concentrate bottled- and ready to go – available everywhere we are… ice coffee recipe is on the side – more recipe’s to follow!!!


2 Responses to “iced espresso?”

  1. RG Says:

    Tried and loved the iced coffee @ the Oshawa Farmers’ Market yesterday. Thank-you! What a great treat. :0)

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