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Liquid coffee concentrate is ready!!! July 12, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy @ 11:52 pm

Our liquid coffee concentrate is ready – use it for iced cappuccino’s (recipe on the side of the bottle) in cheesecakes, with your favorite cookie recipe, in cakes, steak marinade… and send me your recipe’s! I just got a sample of peanut butter espresso cookies the other day – had no idea that peanut butter and coffee would go so well together – fantastic… will be posting the recipe on the site soon…

the concentrate is also great added to plain boiling water – since the coffee has never been heated, it’s like a fresh cup… with no grinds to deal with… great for boating, camping, or even as a “redeye sidecar shot” to ramp up your regular coffee. I’ve heard seniors like it too – because it saves them dishes, and fuss.


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