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More on upcycling – coffee jewellery August 26, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy @ 3:16 pm

Sometimes I made roasting errors (shocking I know… hee hee) and those errors end up as compost – I won’t sell mistakes as an “ahem” dark roast (some roasters do) … if it isn’t right – it isn’t sold… period. In speaking with one of my staff, we have created a way to stabilize those beans… and create jewellery. I’m in talks currently to have those peices available… wherever I am… but it isn’t always easy. Adding a new product to your store requires permission from whomever you rent from. So… if interested, just email and we can arrange something.
Currently the downtown Peterborough farmers market has granted permission, so her beautiful creations will be available there. They will also be available at the Lindsay Fair…
The beauty of these coffee creations is that even though the beans (not edible please!!!) are treated, they retain their beautiful coffee smell… amazing… the natural tones of the green to dark brown beans is really pretty and blends with any outfit…
what a great way to upcycle !!!
pictures will be posted soon!


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