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El Salvador – Rainforest Alliance – Smithsonian Bird Institute AND Organic September 3, 2010

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Wow – a triple certified coffee from El Salvador.
El Salvador Santa Teresa Pacamara
Santa Teresa is also part of the Cofinanzas Estates, located in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, near Ahuachapan. The Santa Teresa farm produces a beautiful Pacamara. According to Cofinanzas, “Pacamara is a hybrid Arabica coffee tree developed by the Salvadorian Coffee Research Institute in the late 1950’s. This very special and rare coffee is a cross of the famous ‘Maragogype’ Arabica and ‘Pacas’, a Salvadorian high yielding mutation of the Arabica hybrid ‘San Ramon Bourbon’ discovered in 1956 by two prominent producers. Today, very few people have planted it because it is difficult to grow and does not produce as much as other coffee varietals, only about 3,000 bags are produced in El Salvador each year.”
The coffee is processed at the geothermal Santa Teresa mill where it is washed with warm mineral spring water. Santa Teresa mill won the 2003 National Environmental Award in the Category of Entrepreneurial Efforts for the use of Geothermal Energy and the 2006 Central America Award for Environmental Innovation.
All organic practices are performed on this farm, weed control is performed by hand and Yucca Elephantipe barriers are used to control erosion. Medical care and salaries above the industry standard are offered to their workers.
This coffee is grown in the nitrogen-rich soils of Los Ausoles an area with many active geysers. The Santa Teresa Pacamara is also 100% sun patio dried, prepared for export at zero defects and above screen 18.
Altitude: 3600 feet
Variety: Bourbon
Processing Method: Washed
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Species: Arabica
Harvest: December-March
Cup Characteristics: sweet floral, chocolate fragrance, apricot and honeyed notes throughout the consistent, full rich bodied cup


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