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new new new new new new November 30, 2010

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Kawartha Fudge – we have chocolate candy cane – chocolate and praline caramel – cranberry scones with devonshire cream – brownies and peanut butter cookies a la Kari jo’s cafe – chocolate chip cookies from Fresh Urban Plate – fresh bagles delivered daily (there has to be a pound of cheese in each bagle) mmmmmm

AND brand new – are the BREWT brewers – perfect for brewing loose leaf tea… and of course a variety of loose leaf tea’s will be here VERY soon!


In the news! November 28, 2010

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I was interviewed by the local paper on Friday – article appeared in Saturday’s paper… hmmm….. wasn’t exactly how the interview went as I remember – I stressed that we carried many ethical coffees… yet they only mentioned fair trade… well, at least Katey’s event at Greenup went much differently… she was given a chance to talk about Cafe Femenino, my favourite program – yes – it’s cross certified with fair… but it takes it a step further – follow the link on the front page of my site – its a global sisterhood coffee – now – for all the guys who take offence, do you not have mothers? sisters? daughters? how would you feel if you weren’t there to protect your loved women, and they couldn’t feed their families or themselves? fortunate for us, we live in a country that has a safety net, and police that enforce the rights of everyone – there are many places that women live horrendous abused lives – and their final pay is penniless abandonment. This program is starting to level the playing field – just a little – by giving women coffee farmers a paycheck… think about it… what comes with a paycheck? Respect. Respect is the beginning of all things good in the world.

I also make a point of supporting local endeavours too – because Peterborough has a big backyard to tend to. We have poverty – we have unemployment – we have homeless… I may not be rich, but I can feed my child, pay my bills and buy clothing – remember that there are many who can’t. I’m not talking charity – I’m talking about providing opportunity to help yourself… trade – not aid.

and… I’m making 100 mile stew for lunch tomorrow… more like 20 mile stew! local farmers rock!


Ho Ho Ho – Guess who drinks coffee to stay up late? November 25, 2010

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now THIS man needs a strong coffee!

Everyone knows that Santa is the hardest working being on December 25th… was very surprised that he stopped by my new shop tonight – seems he’s made his way to Portage place from now until Christmas – just to do his last minute list checking – he only has time this year for a couple of hours per day – 5 until 7 pm – Monday until Saturday – I had the pleasure of whipping up a mocha for him… (he admits he has a chocolate habit…)

what a wonderful laugh – and a wonderful neighbour for me here at the mall – he’s right in front!


pictures…. Kyoto Cafe

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New products are almost – almost here

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I saw Leah’s prototype coffee bag apron tonight – I just love love loved it – how appropriate that she made the first one out of a Papua New Guinea bag – she used a green bias tape to accent it – the burlap from that region is a softer burlap, so it is very pleasant to wear… count on me being her very first customer – how can I not buy the coffee apron of my favourite bean?

ANNNNNND – Leah and Katey have collaborated – and made amazingly beautiful silver bracelets and earrings – with – you guessed it – coffee bean accents! I have to say I was more than a little impressed at how professional this looks…. awwww sniff sob – my little angels are well on their way to creating their own businesses… kinda gets you in the throat a bit….



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Green Up Anniversary Poster


This weekend will be busy!

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Someone approached me today to ask if I intended to give up the farmers market, now that I have a cafe…. never! Even with a crazy busy schedule – it would take an extreme circumstance indeed to keep me away… haven’t missed a Saturday market since day one.

This Saturday for instance, I will be at the market with Paulina – Neil will be at the cafe with Leah and Katey will be at Greenup for their 1 year anniversary celebration… it’s amazing how many things you can accomplish when you are surrounded by amazing people!