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BACK INSIDE…. November 5, 2010

Filed under: The Farmers' Market — Tracy @ 9:35 pm

well – it’s snowing right now – so it means the PETERBOROUGH FARMERS MARKET has timed this perfectly… what you say? we are back inside November 6th 2010… George and Lansdowne Street in the Morrow building – really surprised at just how many people still think the market ends in the fall… we are one of the few markets that go year round….

so I popped a lasagne in the oven, did my typical Friday night set up and came home to a cooked dinner…. and am about to go out and roast coffee… as always… fresh just hours before market… We tried to get a bigger space this year – but there just wasn’t room… the place is packed as always… everything from local meat and poultry – to local apples and fresh fruits, preserves, local veggies like potatoes and carrots, onion and garlic… tons of home cooked items available too like cookies, pies, cakes, perogies, smosa’s, breads, gluten free items, diabetic items… and I saw Granpa Fudge setting up just as I left tonight… waved a cheery hello to the Pastry Peddler … spoke to Ina from Taste of Russia as she was pulling off tons of fresh Perogies and blueberry apple turnovers… and I noticed Shish Kabob Hut had already set up and gone before I arrived… Funny… just yesterday I heard a friend talking about typical grocery store fare and how our food industry has changed… everything from frozen Chinese donughts that are baked here (the industry thinks this is fresh? good heavens!!!) Farmers haven’t changed…. and neither has their produce… they’ve been quietly keeping up their standards all along… the quality speaks for itself.

So I hope to see everyone at 7 tomorrow morning – I’ll be there waiting with fresh roasted fresh brewed coffee… apple cider…. hot chocolate and a huge selection of tea’s…

Katey has promised me new coffee bracelets and Paulina has promised a new tray of coffee soap…

The great thing about this time of year is that the parking lot is now wide open – no parking issues at all – and what a perfect way to start off a snowy day…


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