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Kyoto Cafe November 6, 2010

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I have in front of me a temporary lease with Portage Place in Peterborough… Chemong Road… a small cafe used to be in this space called the Gourmet Cup… Sadly, she chose to leave her haunt – and I hope to fill her shoes. She did an amazing job with her recent rennovations, and her store is just beautiful. I have asked to be allowed to service the mall walkers crowd as well…

I am going to try this out until the end of January – hopefully people will find me quickly, and agree that this is a good move – so many people – even just today – were asking me for a cafe – I didn’t want to say anything until they offered me a lease….

So – I hope to post pictures soon – and show you my temporary new home – we hope to have a good selection of goodies as well as beverages to offer… for now, I will remain a cash only business until I get credit/debit approval… not even sure how long that process takes… and this is all very sudden.

I know people say the Portage was once a great mall and is dying now – if we don’t support it, the mall won’t get any better – there are still a lot of great stores, lots of new ones too…

wish me luck


One Response to “Kyoto Cafe”

  1. Crystal Says:

    You will be awesome! All the best luck in the world – I’ll be sure to stop by for a cup!!

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