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Kyoto Cafe Opening November 19th, 2010 November 16, 2010

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Portage place – old Gourmet Cup site… across from La Senza…

well – physical inspection today reveal that a seriously good scrubbing and sanitizing are in desperate need… floors are nasty – counters are too – desperate need of paint – don’t want to make this a big project – but there are some basic’s that need addressing – hopefully I will get the keys tomorrow – paper is out of the way – hope they give me enough time to get this done before I have to open…. otherwise I’ll be looking pretty silly.

The good news is that electricity and plumbing is present for an espresso machine… plug and play I hope? Might not have it in place for opening though…

will need a carfull of supplies – and scrubbing tools I think – hopefully we can get to paint… hopefully… of course little Miss Katey Bear jumped right on it and offered to help – she is just a sweetheart – (shhhh – don’t tell her I said so)

The big question of the day is – what to fill those shelving units with? Coffee Snob tshirts? Kyoto Coffee travel mugs? Christmas stuff? hmmmm

I will definately be supporting MY customers – Scones from Devonshire – Baklava from Shish Kabob Hut, Cookies from Wellness Center Cafe (The Fresh Urban Plate) – of course we will have special appearances from Taste of Russia – and I’m working on double dipped chocolate almond biscotti from Riverhouse… Perhaps some fudge from Kawartha Fudge? I know some of the greatest people… sooooo lucky


3 Responses to “Kyoto Cafe Opening November 19th, 2010”

  1. Catherine Chamberlain Says:

    I am beyond excited about this. I will be visiting tomorrow for sure. I worked in Portage Place for 10 years and I can’t tell you how many hours and cups of coffee I have enjoyed there. I was so sad when Lorna retired, I am so glad the coffee with brew again. I wish you huge good luck, Catherine

  2. Carolyn Penrose Says:

    Hi There:

    Might you be interested in filling your shelves with some Carma Soap “coffee soap”?

    We met at the Buckhorn Farmers Market this past summer.

    I’d be interested in chatting with you about this if it’s something you’d be interested in.

    Good luck with your opening! Wish you much success in your new venture.

    Carma Soap Co.

    • Tracy Says:

      possibly… should echat about pricing etc… about the best I can offer is consignment… since it’s a temporary spot not sure what will go and what won’t… I have coffee soap coming from my girls…

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