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A season to remember December 27, 2010

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As the end of the year approaches I am mindful of the year passed… We did 9 fundraisers – 5 Farmers markets for their entire seasons… 2 fall fairs… 3 coffee seminars… and opened a temporary (at least for now) coffee shop in Portage Place. Great coffee came and went – prices skyrocketed – (and I kept my prices stable) I dealt with equipment failures – monsoon rains – forgotten staple items – lightning – blistered feet – (from all the standing) grumpy – happy and complacent people – suffered great criticism – and enjoyed great compliments … through it all, I felt an invisible safety net below me… the people that come to me for coffee – faithfully – week after week – ever steady – some have picked their region – some look forward to a new story… some buy beans roasted – some green – some buy a cup of coffee – some enjoy our new tea line… I feel humbled – and grateful – and tired – and happy – all rolled into one… I keep waiting for this to get easier – and it doesn’t – maybe it isn’t supposed to.

I maintain, I couldn’t do this business if it were anything but coffee – (lol) because it keeps me awake enough to get the job done.

Thank you 2010… you were a good year for me – and Kyoto Coffee

now… what do I do about that shop in the mall?


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