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Tea anyone? January 12, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy @ 4:05 pm

After much poking and pondering, I have added some loose leaf tea’s to my offerings. I am new to tea – still learning – but for at least a limited time, have:

creamy sencha lemon
cranberry sencha
cream earl grey
rose congon
aloe vera berry fruit
dragon fruit prickly pear
prarie rooibos
fireside chat
Prickly pear jasmine

well – you get the idea – I’m introducing tea – 100 gram bags $7 across the board – now – if you think it’s expensive – consider this – premium bagged tea is $8 or $9 for 15 – 20 bags – total of 30 to 40 grams – and bagged tea is stale – loose leaf is fresh… much nicer tasting… and you can control how strong you make it… you use the same amount, maybe even less because it’s so much nicer tasting… and richer… in the end, it works out less expensive – my tea blender has offered me introductory pricing, just to see where it goes… it will likely be raised a little over the coming weeks… but I like to share my good fortune… it’s available at the store in Portage Mall – by special order at the Farmers market on Saturdays – or can be picked up at any of the places that supply my coffee (just call or email and I’ll arrange to have it there for you)

and yes – we ordered more Brewts too – $25 all in… pretty tea deserves to be shown off – and with all the health benefits coming to light – the tea conversation is all around us. The Brewts are dishwasher and microwave friendly and BPA free – pretty durable too – they sure make tea and coffee easy…

I may not always have tea – but I’m listening to those who’ve requested it – I also have some higher priced teas available – for a bit more – like peppermint oolong – dragon pearl – and pure jasmine green (with – or without jasmine flowers)

well? coffee – tea or ????


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