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Spring – can you smell it? February 25, 2011

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I was just outside – and smelled it – faint – but there – Spring – my straining ears heard a bird chirping too – perhaps a bit early – but definately the worst of winter is done.
So we look forward to our upcoming lineup of shows and events…

For MARCH BREAK we have the Lindsay Springfest …. at the Lindsay Exhibition grounds…. March 15th to March 20th – looking for something to do over the break? how about an indoor fair? we’ll be there – with our standard Fair Fare… along with some extra goodies like bagles, fudge, pop, chips, muffins and and and…
did I mention coffee?

April 30th we will be at Peterborough’s Green Expo – with coffee, tea, cider and chocolate….

May 7th is the Port Hope Green Expo – dipping our toes in the Port Hope village and possibly the Port Hope Farmers market for the summer….

May 14th – for the Everything Equine show – a true Equine drive through – fabulous and fantastic… I just love this event –

Of course we will be attending the Wednesday downtown Peterborough market again this year – and the Oshawa farmer market as well… and of course we would never leave the Peterborough Saturday farmer market either…

got an event you’d like to see us at? let me know…. and I’ll check it out

have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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