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Fraud alert!!! – March 9, 2011

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so once again the internet fraudsters are alive and kicking – this one is reported as a 419 Nigerian advanced pay scam…. how does it work?

they contact your business with a large juicy order – and insist it be shipped the fastest way possible… this order was destined for Japan…. the catch is that you have to use their courier – so when I contacted the courier – of course they wanted a HUGE amount of money to ship the cargo which of course is paid in advance using your credit card number…

of course I asked for the order to be paid by paypal or by western union before I would contact the courier – and dearest billy wanted me to process the order manually – and of course give me his credit card # over email … good grief!

when I refused to take the card number – and insist on proper payment channels, suddenly they threatened to cancel the order – of course… I checked out the address of their courier – and lo and behold – it was on BAKER street in London – HA HA HA HA HA the address of the fabled Sherlock Holmes!!!

of course the phone number and address don’t match up for the courier either – and unless Kuwait airlines is now yorkeraircargo (which is a company that doesn’t exist)  and some guy in the poorest area of Japan suddenly can afford $3000 for coffee, this was looking like wool sunglasses…

I wanted to blog this – to show first that scammers are everywhere – but also how to catch them – so you learn from my almost mistake – check the properties on your email – go into the details button and scroll to the bottom – darned if my email filter caught them too!

I’m sure they’ve tricked a lot of people in the past – but no sale here today billy – I’m also posting this so if anyone else does an internet search, they will find this – and hopefully everyone else they are attempting to scam will take the time too –

my message to these fools is – GET A JOB – if you are this creative and energetic – you could easily be a chicken catcher or a roadside sign holder – it’s honest work at least – and you would pay some overdue respect into the time you’ve wasted. My time.

I send to you the mothers curse – may you and all those involved with this, have children that someday scam you…




11 Responses to “Fraud alert!!! –”

  1. Erin Says:

    Yep, this is exactly what the same guy did to me. Trying to get a shipment to Japan (seems a little fishy that he is in such a hurry with the entire country in a state of crisis?!) This time he used Moro Air Cargo as the company with this contact info:

    Sincerely Yours
    Pat Moore.
    Customer service
    12B Baker Street,
    United Kingdom
    +44 (702) 4017018

    Luckily we figured it out right away! Thanks for posting this so that we could quickly confirm!


    • Tracy Says:

      gee – with all the devastation, I wonder if that address even exists anymore – prayers for Japan – to whatever god you pray to… poor people there – just heartwrenching

      wish there was some way to shut this fraudster down – maybe people posting on blogs like this one will do the trick!


      • katie das Says:

        The same thing happened to us. I thought it was very fishy- I deal with customers from Japan all the time so his email looked like a total fraud from the very beginning.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for writing in – it’s important I think – especially now – so many want to help Japan – so tempting to do whatever you can – but the person writing these emails isn’t from Japan – and this isn’t going to help them…

    details are wonderful – gets the information out there – surely this person will change their email – eventually…. although I found a blog where this same address was used for attempted fraud years ago…

  3. This company did the same to me. An e- mail from Japan, in a hurry to get products,but I must use his shipping company and pay by bank transfer or western union a,s,a,p. It was from Japan. YES THIS IS A SCAM!!

  4. This guy used the name Jason Park, I even ran his credit card and it went through,what should I do

    • Tracy Says:

      I would call the credit card company and tell them your story – could be a stolen credit card – pretty sure a person has 30 days to reverse charges on a credit card – unless you have some guaranteed payment service – I’d also check your email filter to see if it’s flagged – if you are suspicious, trust your gut –

    • Sandra Says:

      Mine was Jason Park too.

      • Sandra Says:

        Sincerely Yours
        Susan Moore.
        Customer service
        HEAD OFFICE:
        29B Baker Street,
        United Kingdom
        44 (702) 4070172

  5. Sandra Says:

    Well, have to chalk this one up to a lesson learned. Thanks for the post. I wish I would have found this out before…unfortunately, my boss told me to process, and so we did–we did not lose our products, just the money for the shipping. 😦 I caught it after the 2nd order…a little too late, but at least not later than it would have been.
    Something did not feel right from the beginning, but I couldn’t explain it and couldn’t rationalize why not to process. I’m still very new to the online selling community, but you can bet that I will be a lot more careful from now on, and if the boss insists on something, I will argue my butt off before I let this happen again.
    Again, thanks for the blog post and I will be making more use of these in the future, you can bet on that. Gotta learn somewhere, I guess…just really hate that it was the hard way.

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. My guy was Jason Park, too. I checked on the capital air cargo site…seemed legit…but he stated Moro Air Cargo (I didn’t see that until I went back through the emails a few minutes ago).

    • Tracy Says:

      next time go into your email properties and scroll down to the end – my spam blocker flagged it as a 419 – Nigerian scam… it’s a great way to start your side of the argument….

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