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Downtown Peterborough WEDNESDAY Farmers Market April 25, 2011

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Oh here we go – I have heard and have read false information on the Wednesday Farmers market this week – countless people emailing and asking what’s going on… so here it is …

NO the Thursday “market” has nothing to do with Wednesday market.  (don’t you need farmers to make a farmers market?)

NO this was not created as an offshoot of the CITY OF PETERBOROUGH supported Wednesday Downtown market. This was created without their knowledge.

NO the Wednesday market isn’t cancelled and moving to Thursday. ( really? didn’t you think people would follow up?)

NO I am not part of it . Not interested in this kind of business dealing.

There are plenty of lines to read between… and people should be asking plenty of questions.  There was a poll – done very quietly (wish I had known – would have voted!) – no – we don’t need another market.  The City of Peterborough graciously has offered this space (yes – we pay for it) and all of the plans to make it a GREAT space will follow.  Resurfacing will happen quite soon.  Plans for benches, trees and a great place for downtown are already on paper.

The WONDERFUL planned and organized WEDNESDAY farmers market is now held in the Louis Street Parking lot – from 8:30 until 2 from May 4th, 2011 until Thanksgiving.  We have Parking – and Local FARMERS – and strict rules on what may be sold. 

Lets face it – relocating this market was difficult – we were forced to move largely because of the reno’s to Market Hall last year.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of our excellent board of directors, this market was a huge success last year – with plenty of room to grow for this year.  We are in the downtown core – a perfect excuse to go for a block or two of exercise on a warm summer day.  Grab a healthy lunch – visit with a friend – take your dog for a walk – listen to the lively tunes of some homegrown musicians… fast, fun and FABULOUS…

Yes – we will be having special events including FREE samples of local fare done just right with local chefs and artisans…

I do hope to see you there… did I mention that the market is held on WEDNESDAY? lol – ok – enough ranting –

I feel better now