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loose leaf tea anyone? May 3, 2011

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while on my tour  of having a retail store (which will be revisited) I discovered the benefits of loose leaf tea.  Not knowing much about tea is a detriment, so I enlisted the help of some tea guru’s I know.  With their help, I have a supply of tea in house now – I have it at my booth at the farmers market on display…

Creamy Earl Grey – Fresh bergamont oil garnishes this high quality black tea accented with vanilla and cone flower

Margaret’s hope Darjeeling second flush – Another remarkable black tea… Picked in June, named after the original farmer’s daughter of this exquisite tea, and developed in Darjeeling, this tea is now very well known. 

Black Rose Congon – very high end black tea accented with mature rose petals for a perfumy intoxicating aroma

Jasmine Dragon Pearl – rolled while picking, dragon pearl contains all of the tanins locked away deep in the pearl.  Amazing how large the leaves are after they unfurl, and amazing how intense this tea is with very few beads added per cup

Jasmine green – perfumy green tea

Jasmine flower – beautiful white jasmine flower with all the benefits of green tea and intense aroma

Rose bud – a beautiful accent to any clear pot, or mug with the added benefit of a perfumy aroma

Pear Garden Prickly Pear – pure fruit tea, sweet, intoxicating aroma, perfect for iced tea with no added sugar

Dragon Fruit Prickly Pear – pure fruit tea, pink in the cup after brewing, another perfect iced tea, hot or cold, a personal favorite

Aloe Vera Berry Fruit – pure fruit tea, deep orangy yellow tea, benefits of aloe vera, try spreading the brewed tea bits on toast after brewing… almost a compot…

Activity Chai – Apple, spices, cinnomen, no caffeine, but lots of antioxidants, SO necessary for todays busy woman… Beautiful fruit flavour – lovely iced tea

Creamy Lemon – green tea base accented with lemongrass… all the benefits of green tea with a subtle hint of lemon merangue pie…

Green Cranberry Sencha – beautiful green tea with a hint of cranberry…

Blueberry Rooibos – an African origin tea and naturally herbal, with a beautiful wild blueberry accent

Prarie Roibos – African origin Rooibos chai… spicey, smooth and naturally herbal 

Super Butterfly Peppermint Oolong- butterfly Oolong is $150 a pound… the tea blender I bought this from made an error when I ordered… I have infused this tea 4 times with all the original flavour of the first infusion.  Amazing tea, intense and very rare… from the Wuyi mountains in China

Ginseng Oolong –  said to have major weight loss benefits, this tea offers energy, caffeine and beautiful flavour. Infuse over and over …

and yes – Thanks to the Brewt, I can brew just a cup, so just ask!


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