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Port Hope Farmers Market – THIS WEEKEND!!! 8 – 12 noon May 28th, 2011 May 26, 2011

Opening day is this weekend! what can you look forward to this time of year?



it’s robust and rich this time of year – and so good for you – most people need to think about becoming more alkaline since we live in an acidic world… food, stress, pollution and sedentary lifestyle can lead to too much acidity in your body – it can lead to a whole host of medical problems… foods like asparagus promote alkalinity… a much needed catalyst in our diet… raw or cooked… SO good… try lightly cooked with hollandaise sauce, a little butter and sea salt, or with goat cheese in philo pastry… mmmmm


Rhubarb abounds this year too …. with all of the rain the plants are growing like crazy… did you know that strawberry rhubab is sweeter and smoother tasting than other varieties? rhubarb crisp or with a little sugar in the palm of your hand… mixed into applesauce, or baked into a pie with another fruit like strawberries, it adds a natural sharp zesty flavour and aroma… rhubarb is EASY to grow, split and harvest…
there are a good many other things coming along in the garden too – fresh cut flowers, bedding plants, tomato seedlings and oh… I hear the coffee is pretty good there too (tee hee) I can’t grow coffee in Canada, but I can roast it a few hours before market – ever have REALLY fresh coffee???
Farmers are the inventers of food storage, so count on seeing many items harvested in the fall that still bear the Ontario grown logo… Potato’s, apples, turnip, carrots, onion, garlic (nice big garlic with amazing deep flavour… not like the cheap chinese garlic) and of course meats, cheeses, and poultry products are available year round….
Preserves are another way to extend our Ontario goodness – jams, jellies, and pickling to name a few…
Think that you can’t get local foods from Ontario year round? think again!!!
Wholesome, honest and subjected to real rules and regulations… when foods come from other countries… well…. you’ve read the news lately…. and Ontario farmers produce real food… right here at home… no games… be sure…


or bye bye local


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