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C O F F E E coffee coffee and more coffee July 3, 2011

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there sure are challenges with buying coffee this year – have had great difficulty sourcing anything Indonesian, or good quality African

The good news is that I have 2 great brokers who think for me – they buy the best quality… because they know you want good coffee ..

new this week…

2011 Sumatra Takengon FTO (heavenly body, thick rich and full mouthfeel with earthy hints and frothy crema)

2011 Papua New Guinea (no certifications – but seriously delicious organically grown from the north)

2011 Antigua Pea Berry (intense, sweet, caramelly, rich… what’s not to love??)

2011 Malawi AAA ( an amazing all day drinking medium coffee from Africa… Malawi wants trade.. NOT aid)

2011 Costa Rica Fancy FTO (what’s this thick creamy caramelly texture???? WOW)

2011 Honduras Marcala FTO (from the bourben coffee strain)

2011 Mexico Swiss Water Decaffeinated Organic (Medium bold – think decaf has to be weak???? NOT!~)

2011 Nicaragua FTO ( heavenly rich, slightly acidic (NO…. NOT BITTER) acidic means it has a little bite)

2011 Tanzanian Pea Berry ( perfect, small and intensely sweet – as always)

As always, roasted properly, single origin offerings and trying desperately to keep my prices reasonable… We also have established through our many professional chefs and farmers market clientelle, an amazing liquid coffee concentrate with a whole host of applications.  I use it for ice coffee – but it’s great for baking, as an instant coffee, or as a red eye shot to ramp up your regular strength joe… Sumatran based for depth and it’s low acidity…mmmmm …. just figured out how to make it stronger too!

Got a coffee recipe you want to share? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Try it with vanilla ice cream in your blender with a little milk… BANG … cappuccino milkshake……. mmmmmm


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