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Peterborough Farmers Market – Saturdays 7 – 1 pm September 4, 2011

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I get asked this question every time I’m at the market – so here it is in black and white …

YES – our market goes year round – from May 1st until October 31st we are outside – to accomodate all of the amazing farm produce grown right here in ontario – picked just hours before it’s for sale… we have everything from a variety of meats to every kind of fruit and veggie… spices, herbs, sweet and savoury – and it’s extended to the breads, sweets and pastries … cheese? got it… flowers? got it… amazing local musicians… check –

Sadly not everyone can cram into the building at the beginning of November – but we will be – as always… available year round at our booth between Floyyd the cheese man and Shish Kabob Hut and Taste of Russia. 

The building is heated – and much much warmer now that we have a new roof.  Many of our local foods are available until Christmas – meats of course are available year round – eggs – poultry –

Of course there are many artistic people at the market too – woodcrafts, candles, salves, jewellery,

yummy foods like popcorn, and candy floss –

literally something for everyone… free admission and free parking – bet you’ll be surprised if you’ve never been – or haven’t been in a while – and I’d bet you’ll run into old friends and neighbours too –

I just love the market… have you been lately?


3 Responses to “Peterborough Farmers Market – Saturdays 7 – 1 pm”

  1. France Tremblay Says:

    Hi Tracy
    I missed the Market this past Sat and need coffee……
    Is it still available in Lindsay at the bookstore?

    If not where oh where in Peterborough can I get a bag of Sumatra?

    France Tremblay

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