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HALLOWEEN please and thank you! Farmers market October 29th 2011 October 25, 2011

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I just love Halloween – no – not for it’s gruesome history – but for what it’s become … its a giant masquerade party (which almost NEVER happens in todays world) for kids to have random acts of fun and festivity.  We actually connect with our neighbours and say a friendly hello – which there is almost no time for anymore… sure, there are creeps that have tried to alter treats badly (although I haven’t heard of anything recently – or for a long time) one time someone put a propeganda flyer in my son’s trick or treat bag… but that’s it… have never found tampered candy – only very happy people answering doors and adoring coo’s at how cute the kiddies look…

Can we not just observe those houses that decorate for the event? knock on the doors of those who obviously participate? How many of us have next to no kids come by – and offer really really good stuff… (like me!!!)

So because of my love for Halloween and all of it’s nonsense, I will be offering FREE facepainting on Saturday at the coffee booth at the Peterborough Farmers Market – George and Lansdowne Street (all of the girls LOVE to paint faces) and of course treats to those in the spirit …. we’ll be open from 7 am until 1 …

I’m sure hoping some of the other farmers market booths will join in… many of them did last year… come on down and see… I triple dog DARE you…



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