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Kyoto Cafe – February 7, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy @ 5:26 pm

Well I finally did it – found a home for the Kyoto Roastery and cafe… it may take a while – but rennovations are underway – all depends on what all the red tape has to say as to which leg gets completed first –

Phase one is complete – all of the garbage has been thrown away… two forty yard bins worth – it seems the former tennants could have been featured on an episode of hoarders…

now comes the information gathering – have already hired a soil engineer to make sure we are sitting on clean soil – and an energy engineer to find out about grants and subsidy’s are available to green company’s… the water has been tested – crystal clear no ecoli, and no gas, hydrocarbons or heavy oils – clean fresh well water – should make for a great pot of joe…

now – time to sift through all the rule books and determine the next step…



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