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Port Hope Farmers Market – THIS WEEKEND!!! 8 – 12 noon May 28th, 2011 May 26, 2011

Opening day is this weekend! what can you look forward to this time of year?



it’s robust and rich this time of year – and so good for you – most people need to think about becoming more alkaline since we live in an acidic world… food, stress, pollution and sedentary lifestyle can lead to too much acidity in your body – it can lead to a whole host of medical problems… foods like asparagus promote alkalinity… a much needed catalyst in our diet… raw or cooked… SO good… try lightly cooked with hollandaise sauce, a little butter and sea salt, or with goat cheese in philo pastry… mmmmm


Rhubarb abounds this year too …. with all of the rain the plants are growing like crazy… did you know that strawberry rhubab is sweeter and smoother tasting than other varieties? rhubarb crisp or with a little sugar in the palm of your hand… mixed into applesauce, or baked into a pie with another fruit like strawberries, it adds a natural sharp zesty flavour and aroma… rhubarb is EASY to grow, split and harvest…
there are a good many other things coming along in the garden too – fresh cut flowers, bedding plants, tomato seedlings and oh… I hear the coffee is pretty good there too (tee hee) I can’t grow coffee in Canada, but I can roast it a few hours before market – ever have REALLY fresh coffee???
Farmers are the inventers of food storage, so count on seeing many items harvested in the fall that still bear the Ontario grown logo… Potato’s, apples, turnip, carrots, onion, garlic (nice big garlic with amazing deep flavour… not like the cheap chinese garlic) and of course meats, cheeses, and poultry products are available year round….
Preserves are another way to extend our Ontario goodness – jams, jellies, and pickling to name a few…
Think that you can’t get local foods from Ontario year round? think again!!!
Wholesome, honest and subjected to real rules and regulations… when foods come from other countries… well…. you’ve read the news lately…. and Ontario farmers produce real food… right here at home… no games… be sure…


or bye bye local


BACK INSIDE…. November 5, 2010

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well – it’s snowing right now – so it means the PETERBOROUGH FARMERS MARKET has timed this perfectly… what you say? we are back inside November 6th 2010… George and Lansdowne Street in the Morrow building – really surprised at just how many people still think the market ends in the fall… we are one of the few markets that go year round….

so I popped a lasagne in the oven, did my typical Friday night set up and came home to a cooked dinner…. and am about to go out and roast coffee… as always… fresh just hours before market… We tried to get a bigger space this year – but there just wasn’t room… the place is packed as always… everything from local meat and poultry – to local apples and fresh fruits, preserves, local veggies like potatoes and carrots, onion and garlic… tons of home cooked items available too like cookies, pies, cakes, perogies, smosa’s, breads, gluten free items, diabetic items… and I saw Granpa Fudge setting up just as I left tonight… waved a cheery hello to the Pastry Peddler … spoke to Ina from Taste of Russia as she was pulling off tons of fresh Perogies and blueberry apple turnovers… and I noticed Shish Kabob Hut had already set up and gone before I arrived… Funny… just yesterday I heard a friend talking about typical grocery store fare and how our food industry has changed… everything from frozen Chinese donughts that are baked here (the industry thinks this is fresh? good heavens!!!) Farmers haven’t changed…. and neither has their produce… they’ve been quietly keeping up their standards all along… the quality speaks for itself.

So I hope to see everyone at 7 tomorrow morning – I’ll be there waiting with fresh roasted fresh brewed coffee… apple cider…. hot chocolate and a huge selection of tea’s…

Katey has promised me new coffee bracelets and Paulina has promised a new tray of coffee soap…

The great thing about this time of year is that the parking lot is now wide open – no parking issues at all – and what a perfect way to start off a snowy day…


iced espresso? July 5, 2010

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well – I am once again amazed… on Saturday I received yet another education from a loyal client… He requested a straight shot of concentrate blended with ice- no sugar- no cream… just a straight shot of concentrated espresso over crushed ice. I thought for sure it would be too strong – but… so I’m told, this is all the rage in Japan. Iced espresso… naked, ice cold, super strong… you ask… I make (little trepidation there I must admit) then I tried it – ok – I get it now. mmmmm, with a side of WHAM

so this means our summer round up consists of:
iced cappuccino
decaf cappuccino
vegan cappuccino (with soycream)
decaf vegan cappuccino (with soycream)
iced espresso
and working on an iced chocolate

summer has reared her beautiful mane this week – count on temps over 30 degrees c…
in a world where commercial iced coffees have almost no coffee (people PLEASE!!!) our coffee is cold pressed – and as much, if not more caf than our hot coffees. So if you still need a kick in the pants good morning, and can’t handle hot java… we’re brewing cold… (of course we still have hot!)

Buckhorn Farmers market – 8 – 1 Tuesdays
Downtown Peterborough farmers market – 8 – 2 Wednesdays
Lakefield farmers market – 1 – 6 Thursdays
Oshawa Farmers market – 8 – 4 Fridays
Peterborough farmers market – 7 – 1 Saturdays

Gotta havva pizzaa also has our concentrate in slushie form, on tap daily – and Devonshire in Lakefield has our iced cap serving daily.

OR…. we now have our concentrate bottled- and ready to go – available everywhere we are… ice coffee recipe is on the side – more recipe’s to follow!!!


Travis’s Lemonade at the Peterborough Farmers market June 25, 2010

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ready - set ...... GO

Travis – my wonderful boy – is coming back to the Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturdays. His report card was glowing (atta boy) and as promised – if school marks were good – I would let him do his lemonade stand again. Market approved – and ready to go – picking up our lemons next week and we will be ready to go on Wednesday morning. Monitered closely by Mom and crew…


May 2010 looks interesting! April 2, 2010

well the busy season is almost here… have booked a very busy summer… Tuesdays will be the Buckhorn Farmers Market (actually starting in June) Thursdays will be Lakefield Farmers market, Friday will be Oshawa Market and Saturdays will be Peterborough market… brewing fresh coffee at every market… eco friendly cups (of course!) organic sugars, agave, local honey and maple syrup, and of course soy cream and local milk… see you there! YES we do special orders… email me or call me and I’ll be happy to reserve for you… and YES I also sell green beans for those happy home roasters! contact me for volume discounts!


Halloween October 31, 2009 – PETERBOROUGH FARMERS MARKET MEETS SCREAMWORKS October 8, 2009

Well folks – the Market is having a FABULOUS event this year… since Halloween falls on a Saturday it’s a perfect opportunity to offer…. wait for it….. FREE TRICK OR TREATING AT THE MARKET… kids under 12 – with an adult… (or it will be a zoo) and …. FREE FACE PAINTING… now WHO offers free face painting on Halloween…!!! from 10 until 1… and of course…. SCREAMWORKS will be screaming fun – CHEAP admission for a family to a haunted playground – designed to be not too scary (and meant for kids)… check out their website…. …. pumpkin carving, TELEVISED costume contest… you name it! SERIOUS Halloween fun!!!


Our Customers! September 9, 2009

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popeye coffee arms2
Coffee makes you STRONG – lol (actually Dave just put the coffee in his arms so they wouldn’t get wet)