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Farmers Market June 19, 2009


4 Responses to “Farmers Market”

  1. kyotocoffee Says:

    November 7th, 2009 – we are back inside! YAY! no more RAIN!!!! ok – I know we need rain, but it’s hard WORKING in the rain – with all the coffee we make it can be a bit dangerous running electricity through mud puddles… inside isn’t as charming, but we have a full house for the winter – that Morrow building will be jammed with deals and treasures!!!

    Hope to see you there!!

  2. Tracy Says:

    May 1st 2010, is just 16 days away… Summer is just around the corner… cottagers… sun… shorts… sandles… oh how we’ve missed you!

  3. Tracy Says:

    Summer 2010 schedule
    Tuesdays 8-1 Buckhorn Farmers Market – Cody Inn
    Wednesdays 8-1 Downtown Peterborough Farmers Market – beside the King Street Parking garage
    Thursdays 2-6 Lakefield Farmers Market – Beside the marina -on the Otonobee river
    Fridays 8-4 Oshawa Farmers Market – Oshawa Center
    Saturdays 7-1 Peterborough Farmers Market – George and Lansdowne Morrow parking lot

  4. Tracy Says:

    Summer is in full swing – heat – heat – and more heat. We have a full compliment of icy coffee drinks, made with ingredients you can pronounce – and mostly organic – I use local milk rather than organic – and reverse osmosis water because it has all of the chlorine and floride removed… it also has no taste, so it doesn’t influence the final product. Ice isn’t really organic either, but the rest is.
    So if you have a special need, we cover it, or try to… decaf, soy, 1% milk, agave, splenda and stevia, covers diabetics, vegans, lactose intolerant, dieters, and the very very thirsty. We also have a nice premix that has our coffee concentrate as the base. No fillers, no additives, cold pressed, never heated… sweet and super strong.
    Iced espresso – (all the rage in Japan this year – yikes strong!!)
    iced cappuccino
    decaf iced espresso (see above – strong decaf)
    decaf iced cappuccino
    decaf soy cap/vegan
    lactose soy cap/vegan
    anything can be made sugar free… just ask!

    Travis’s lemonade is in full swing too…( a little older, and wiser this year – and at least 4 inches taller…) served in an Eco friendly compostable PLA cornstarch cup.

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