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Fail mail – consider the alternatives…. June 24, 2011

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we still have no mail – but there are plenty of alternatives – ever try shipping by bus? I just shipped a coffee order by Greyhound that guarantees direct overnight service, insured and delivery to the door… it was a few dollars more granted… but not that many, and overnight is impressive.  I didn’t know bus shipping did home delivery too – and of course courier service is always an option… these days, with email, texting, courier and bus service, the postal service has some competition… hey guys…. did you notice the world is in financial turmoil? perhaps if you were looking for public support, this wasn’t the best time to strike… a lot of unemployed or under paid people out there would love to have your job.


Canada Post Mail Strike – details… June 13, 2011 Snail mail isn’t FAILmail June 13, 2011

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I called a friend who works for a satellite post office today – because I’m concerned on mail out coffee orders.  It seems that parcels aren’t part of the deal – so those are still viable.  The lettermail is the strike issue, and it’s on 24 hour rotating strikes – which means, your mail might be a day late – so don’t worry too much… neither rain, nor snow, nor wind, hail, or sunshine will stop the lettercarrier – even if they are slower than usual – it will get there… eventually


Berries – Berries – and MORE Berries

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tis the season – for fresh Ontario strawberries – so sweet and tender – SO much better than the red wooden look-a-likes the size of your fist – strawberries aren’t SUPPOSED to be that big – fragrant sweet tender local berries are back baby…. saw people picking just yesterday – so that means… yep … the farmers market will have ripe juicy berries on Wednesday – of course – that’s just a rumour I’m creating at this point- nothing official from the berry growers ; )