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UTZ CERTIFIED – on the way!!! March 29, 2011

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Dear Ms. Cosburn, Thank you for registering and welcome to the UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside program.

 Kyoto Coffee. has been registered as a Roaster. Registration data: Name: Kyoto Coffee Member Number: 11769 Country: Canada Organization Type: Roaster


UTZ CERTIFIED is a worldwide certification program that sets the standard for responsible coffee production and sourcing. Additionally we also work in tea and cocoa. The program is based on compliance with the Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody, a set of economic, social and environmental norms for responsible coffee production and processing.


Bye Bye Portage Place March 28, 2011

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What a great run our time at Portage was! We set up with the idea that it was just until Christmas – and extended 3 times…. now… with the Spring and summer shows starting, I have no choice but to leave…. They were good to us to be sure…  We are still looking for our own building of course – something where I can roast and have a coffee shop going – we will definately miss having our store though – was hoping buying a building would be a little easier – there just isn’t anything appropriate for sale – for the past year actually… guess it’s not the right time yet – hopefully soon!!!

Thanks West End of Peterborough – for your support …. it was a GREAT experience!


Fraud alert!!! – March 9, 2011

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so once again the internet fraudsters are alive and kicking – this one is reported as a 419 Nigerian advanced pay scam…. how does it work?

they contact your business with a large juicy order – and insist it be shipped the fastest way possible… this order was destined for Japan…. the catch is that you have to use their courier – so when I contacted the courier – of course they wanted a HUGE amount of money to ship the cargo which of course is paid in advance using your credit card number…

of course I asked for the order to be paid by paypal or by western union before I would contact the courier – and dearest billy wanted me to process the order manually – and of course give me his credit card # over email … good grief!

when I refused to take the card number – and insist on proper payment channels, suddenly they threatened to cancel the order – of course… I checked out the address of their courier – and lo and behold – it was on BAKER street in London – HA HA HA HA HA the address of the fabled Sherlock Holmes!!!

of course the phone number and address don’t match up for the courier either – and unless Kuwait airlines is now yorkeraircargo (which is a company that doesn’t exist)  and some guy in the poorest area of Japan suddenly can afford $3000 for coffee, this was looking like wool sunglasses…

I wanted to blog this – to show first that scammers are everywhere – but also how to catch them – so you learn from my almost mistake – check the properties on your email – go into the details button and scroll to the bottom – darned if my email filter caught them too!

I’m sure they’ve tricked a lot of people in the past – but no sale here today billy – I’m also posting this so if anyone else does an internet search, they will find this – and hopefully everyone else they are attempting to scam will take the time too –

my message to these fools is – GET A JOB – if you are this creative and energetic – you could easily be a chicken catcher or a roadside sign holder – it’s honest work at least – and you would pay some overdue respect into the time you’ve wasted. My time.

I send to you the mothers curse – may you and all those involved with this, have children that someday scam you…