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So you are travelling – and need good coffee – now what? August 22, 2011

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the thought of drinking regular coffee when I’m not home is not very savoury to me… so what do you do? where do you go when you’re on the road

it’s so easy…. really easy

Most hotels have tiny coffee makers – so take some ground with you! grind for paper or mesh… a half pound bag makes about 250 ounces of prepared coffee (about 25 small cups or 20 large) – of course it depends on how strong you like it. 

Of course it all depends on how far you want to take it too…

I bought a 1 cup brewer with a mesh filter (about 10 years ago – and it works perfectly) – because using a paper filter takes away so much of the depth and boldness of coffee – (black and decker – and no this isn’t an endorsement) they are about $15 at a department store – I bring a small cooler – and ice is free at a hotel – for cream… (sometimes I like cream) and of course you can put just about any travel mug under the brewer spout (not fitted like some of the brewers out there) and voila – you just saved yourself a mint… and you get to have a good coffee – takes about a minute to brew a cup.

I just peeked into Starbucks in Niagara Falls – and for a cuppa, pricetag is $4.50 for an ordinary coffee (shudder) – mine cost under a dollar – and I’m drinking pure Kona…  yes – it’s a holiday so I brought pampering coffee… it doesn’t take long to have all of your money drain from your pockets in a place like this – if you drink 2 or 3 coffee a day – its like getting a free lunch

see? and people say there’s no free lunch…